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WCEA Notes and Action Items – August 12, 2011

WCEA Notes and Action Items – August 12, 2011

WCEA 12 August 2011

1. Clean Energy Vision Project- Alicia and Amanda

a. Material Status Review
Alicia — review of materials in preparation
Alicia and Kevin Kennedy doing fact sheet template
will identify WCEA and WGG experts to provide input
Dave: aimed at making these materials usable at local level

Transition Plan
WGG will have something by 3rd or 4th week of September — 50+ pages with a summary
draft by about Sep 1
timing alignment with WECC 10-year plan adoption, WCEA Santa Fe meeting, etc.
1 sketch of vision of clean energy vision for the west
how system organized, portfolio of resources
improve reliability and cost less
2 two decision categories to drive transition toward end point
sustained and orderly retirement of fossil and develop sustainable energy
policy: state and local legislative, executive, regulatory
expand policies in place or use policies elsewhere as template
investments: $200B will have to be spent for BAU
utility investments: incentives, business models
non-utility suppliers
3 managing the transition
flexibility, alternate pathways at state level

Jennifer — media advisory almost ready, waiting to hear about Gov Ritter
still holding Aug 22 as target date
clean energy “call to action” release with quotes from Wellinghoff, Ritter
looking for help on pushing release out to media contacts

b. Nevada Events
Amanda: Aug 31 policy roundtable (morning)
focus on building clean energy market in southern Nevada
advocate group meeting (afternoon): John Candelaria, Carl Linvill, group discussion, EIM investigatory docket

c. Late Addition- WCEA’s name on the CEV technical report
agreed: WCEA will sign on as report supporter
* other groups should send requests to Alicia by Aug 16 to be listed as report supporters

2. Sept Regional Transmission Expansion Plan submission (The WECC will
be submitting the ten year plan to Dept of Energy in late September. What
can we do or what should we do?) – Ken
Ken: WECC has no apparent plans to publicize final adoption
and submittal to US DOE
Carl: concern about misinterpreting how foundational lines are situated
people drawing wrong conclusions that they have been blessed
by stakeholders when they have not
don’t change focus from our own vision: report and transition plan
Ron: should be make our concerns known to DOE
consensus: WCEA won’t do public message on plan release
groups can express views to press covering the release
* Ron, Carl will initiate a letter to DOE on our concerns — early September, draft by end of August

3. WECC Class 4 member discussion ( Where are we? Are people still
applying for memberships? Who has been accepted and who has been rejected?)-
Bob Anderson
Bob: WGG applied to join Class 4 but rejected by WECC staff
GNC colloquy: if groups agreed to have WGG represent their interests
this would pass the threshhold
draft petition circulated, any groups signing on could later join directly
agreed: WCEA will sign on and request representation by WGG
others rejected: CEERT, Defenders of Wildlife, Interwest, Vote Solar, Utah Clean Energy ,,, more?
* WGG will forward petition to WECC

4. EIM Proceeding in NV (The Nevada Public Utilities Commission is
opening a docket on an Energy Imbalance Market. Is this an opportunity for
WCEA?)- Ken
on agenda for Aug 31 meeting

5. Judge Redden’s Decision on the Salmon Plan- Varner
Varner: BPA environmental redispatch policy
FERC complaint, 9th Circuit filing
Judge Redden rejected Biop, required new post-2012 plan

Santa Fe — possible travel cost increase because of Balloon Festival
* Ken will do some investigating and report back next week

next WCEA monthly call – Sep 9, 2 pm MT/1 pm PT