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New WIRAB Resource help advocates fight for VERs

New WIRAB Resource help advocates fight for VERs

A new resource to learn about variable energy resources (i.e. solar and wind power) and great answers to common arguments used against them.

The Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body (WIRAB) conducted five informal technical information sessions on the reliability challenges associated with adding variable energy resources to electric systems. You can download pdfs of the presentations and listen to audio off of the website (click on “PAST” on that page):

As part of this outreach, there are also user-friendly responses to common arguments against integrating wind and solar resources into electric system operations.

For example:

Debbie Lew designed and presented the webinars for WIEB staff and interested states and provinces.

This is part of WIRAB’s contract with Ms Lew to assist states/provinces in identifying and preparing to respond to variable energy resource integration matters they are likely to face in the next several years.