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WGG is staffed by former state regulators, national laboratory personnel and state officials. We have been actively involved in all major state and regional planning initiatives in the west, beginning with the Rocky Mountain Area Transmission Study (RMATS) in 2003. In addition to RMATS, we have influenced the Western Governors’ Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative; the Frontier Line study; the Western Renewable Energy Zones initiative; and renewable energy zone and transmission identification initiatives in AZ, CA, CO, NV and UT.

Organization and Staffing

Western Grid Group staff have experience as state regulators and many additional years experience as public policy innovators and clean energy advocates in state, regional and national proceedings. The detailed technical and legal knowledge of and experience in the energy sector gives us credibility with and entrée to state and national decision-makers.

WGG members are selected, in part, because of their knowledge of, and relationships with decision-makers in particular states and sub-regions of the west. Current WGG members are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. This geographic distribution provides both detailed information on individual state proceedings and a broad western perspective on regional cooperation. It also makes it possible for WGG to participate in transmission and system planning proceedings, work groups and committees in every sub-region across the west, while minimizing the travel costs associated with such participation.

WGG serves as a network of advisors to train and support clean energy, public interest and environmental advocates, and to advise, challenge and support state officials, renewable energy generators and utility executives. WGG members have expertise in different aspects of energy system operation, regulation and development.  As a group, members cross-train each other and work synergistically to develop innovative solutions and strategies to energy issues. We also enefit from the fact that many of our members  represent other influential organizations and work in venues that complement our WGG work.

WGG is an unincorporated non-profit association. We operate as a sponsored project of the Center For Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT). CEERT, a collaborative of major renewable energy development companies and national environmental organizations, is a 501 (c)(3) public charity. WGG is funded by foundation and government grants.