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Video on MSTI Project presented by the Sonoran Institute

The Sonoran Institute released a very helpful video on the MSTI project and addressing local concerns about the line.

Western Governors’ Association Report – Integration Challenges

"Meeting Renewable Energy Targets in the West At Least Cost: The Integration Challenge." The Western Governors' Association commissioned this report to explore ways to reduce costs to the region's electricity consumers for integrating wind and solar, identify barriers to adopting these measures and recommend possible state actions. Prepared by Regulatory Assistance Project for Western Governors' Association.

Sonoran Institute’s new PowerLine online resource

To support the exchange of innovative and emerging ideas and practices surrounding transmission planning, the Sonoran Institute has developed an online resource, called PowerLine to serve as a clearinghouse of new approaches to transmission planning, design, and mitigation.

ACEG releases report

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) has released a new report “The Potential Rate Effects of Wind Energy and Transmission in the Midwest ISO Region.” The report was released May 22, 2012 and finds that wind power can save midwestern consumers approximately $3.0 ‐ $9.5 billion annually by 2020.

Renewing Arizona: Transition from Coal to Clean

The Arizona Capitol Times published Amanda Ormand's opinion piece: Renewing Arizona: Transition from Coal to Clean. Published February 26, 2012 (posted on the Times' site on February 27, 2012). Ormond is a Western Grid Group Director and a board member of the Southwest Renewable Energy Institute.

WCEA – Monthly Call

Title: WCEA – Monthly CallLocation: Conference callDescription: Our March monthly call. All times PacificStart Time: 09:00Date: 2012-03-10End Time: 11:00

WCEA – San Francisco

WCEA Members will be meeting in San Francisco, CA April 12th and 13th, 2012. We will post agendas and all relevant documents here.