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Retire Coal

Plans to retire coal generation are well underway across the West. Implementation of Colorado’s Clean Air, Clean Jobs legislation will retire 1,800 MW of coal capacity over the next several years in that state. California utility contracts for about the same amount of coal output will expire before the end of the decade and by law cannot be replaced with coal. Oregon’s Boardman coal plant will be retired before 2020. The even larger impact: many western coal plants will become uneconomic when Clean Air Act requirements will require major pollution control retrofits in 2015-2016, and will be retired in favor of cleaner alternatives.

WCEA’s Clean Energy Vision shows how this coal capacity can be replaced—reliably and cost-effectively—with cleaner and more sustainable resources.

WCEA supports states, utilities and regulators to plan a transition from coal to cleaner resources, beginning immediately.

Coming soon to this site…

  1. WCEA Coal retirement criteria;
  2. WGG (and maybe SPSC) low-carbon/coal retirement study requests;
  3. WRA and/or WCEC info on coal economics and retirements;
  4. stats on coal impacts (premature deaths, strip mining, etc.)