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WGG Submits Comments to Joint Outreach Team

Western Grid Group, Nevada Wilderness Project, Sonoran Institute and Western Resource Advocates submitted comments on Draft Recommendations from the Joint Outreach Team on January 22, 2013. Document included.

Western Grid Group releases transition plan to clean energy

The Clean Energy Vision Project charts a sustained, orderly transition from coal and gas to more jobs, better health and true energy security. These four documents outline what policies and investments are needed as well as the how a modernized grid will operate.

WGG submits comments and recommendations for WAPA reform.

WGG submitted specific recommendations for WAPA reform to the DOE-WAPA Joint Outreach Team & comments presented at the DOE/WAPA Workshop in Folsom, CA on July 26, 2012.

WCEA In-person Meeting (Tempe,AZ)

The Western Clean Energy Advocates will meet in Tempe, AZ on September 12 & 13. Agenda and Lodging information. Contact Amanda Ormond for information on attending.

Energy Foundation Releases New Video

This video introduces you to the people who run the electricity grid, the network of power plants and power lines that keep the lights on. It takes you inside the control center for the largest power system in the world and lets utility experts explain how the variability of wind and solar generation can be managed using existing tools and techniques.

Request for Rehearing of Order 764 submitted by the FERC Project.

Several groups including the Western Grid Group joined the FERC Project in requesting a rehearing of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 764. The document that was filed is linked here.

Collaborative Transmission Planning: California’s Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative

California's RETI collaborative set a high standard for aligning electricity generation and transmission with environmental values. This peer-reviewed article, in the July 2102 issue of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, provides an overview of the rationale for both stakeholder involvement in transmission planning and for zone development of renewables.
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