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New paper corrects two widely held perceptions in regulatory community

AMERICA'S POWER PLAN: This paper corrects two widely held notions in the regulatory community: that the utility’s rate of return is the sole value driver for utility shareholders and that rates of return are set at the cost of equity. Neither of these perceptions is correct. Instead, the financial “value engine”—the difference between a utility’s return on investment and its cost of capital—drives shareholder returns. The authors argue that regulators should use this value engine to align utilities’ financial motivations with delivering value to customers and society. They can offer utilities opportunities to earn increased revenues when they provide value-based products and services. June 2015

Additional comments on the Clean Power Plan

Brian Parsons from Western Grid Group, along with Sue Tierney and Eric Svenson, sent additional comments on the Clean Power Plan to FERC, EPA and DOE. The letter, initial comments and the full report are available here. Submitted April 20, 2015

Op-Ed in LA Times: Olsen and Hochschild set the record straight

In an Op-Ed published in the Los Angeles Times on March 12, 2015, David Olsen and David Hochschild demonstrate how investments made in California renewable energy have turned out pretty darned well.

Comments submitted to the FERC Regional Technical Conferences

Western Grid Group along with 10 other groups submitted comments to FERC at the Denver Regional Technical Conference on Environmental Regulations and Electric Reliability, Wholesale Electricity Markets, and Energy Infrastructure held on February 25, 2015. Download or view comments here.

WWSIS – 3: Western Frequency Response and Transient Stability Study

This debrief was presented at the last NERC Essential Reliability Services Task Force (ERSTF) meeting in Atlanta on Dec 10-11, 2014.

New WIRAB Resource help advocates fight for VERs

A new user-friendly resource where you can learn about variable energy resources (i.e. solar and wind power), and find great answers to common arguments used against them!

How to talk about Climate and Energy

Joe Romm's post on Think Progress: "How To Engage And Win The Conversation About Climate And Energy" collects strong examples of how to effectively connect energy production and climate issues.
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